Episode 53: “How do I prioritize the long list of things I need to learn in order to be successful in Internet Marketing?”

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  1. Mr.Matt, has stated getting that
    first sell speak volumes. It was
    such a great challenge to me. And
    knowing that I will put my best foot
    forward to see they received what they needed. I mean I would show them
    such a generous interest in respond-
    ing to their’s needs.
    I found out this sold them over more
    than their’s own purchases.

    And this was told to the controller,
    and less them two weeks, I was doing
    accounting for that buyer department.

    “This is challenging and I love it as it turn over money!” Well,as they said you name it and I sold it.
    you name it, I sold it.


    I sold much in my life time,