Episode 541: “With the majority of your client base in the USA, would you ever move your customer service center to America?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during activity day at the Diamond Mastermind in Costa Rica at the new MOBE Resort, Sunset Del Mar, with Diamond member Susanna Spence, who lives in Virginia, in the USA. Susanna wants to know if I would ever consider moving our Customer Service Call Center to the United States since the majority of our clients are based there.

I explain that our Malaysia based customer service center is open 24 hours per day – 7 days per week – 365 days per year and during an average week, the support team receives about 1200 calls.

I discuss the reality that it is cheaper to operate our customer call center from Asia rather than the USA because the labor costs in Asia are considerably lower.

I talk about my intent to keep our call center in Malaysia – as long as the center continues to perform well.

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