Episode 551: “What are the demographics for the bigger producers in MOBE and should I be marketing to them?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage during a Platinum Mastermind in the Canary Islands, with Platinum member Nancy Showalter, who lives Illinois, in USA. Nancy wants to know if the biggest demographic in MOBE is the baby boomer, but the top producers are the young consultants; should she be targeting young people in her marketing?

I discuss how the top earners in MOBE cover all age demographics as you can see by reviewing the list of top performers.

I explain that you should always depend on your own results for your success – not those on your team; because you can’t control what other people are going do.

I talk about how early in my career, I thought if I recruited the right people, that I could depend on residual income for my success – but I quickly learned that was not a good strategic plan for my business.

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