Episode 553: “To what do you attribute rapid growth you have experienced over the last few years?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during activity day at the Diamond Mastermind in Costa Rica at the new MOBE Resort, Sunset Del Mar, with Head Diamond trainer Norbert Orlewicz, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Norbert wants to know to what do I attribute the rapid growth that my business has seen over the last few years.

I talk about the fact that I am a very impatient person and that has motivated me to be more focused on taking my business to the next level while monitoring results to ensure that we achieve increasing better results every month.

I explain that I have surrounded myself with a very good team that shares my vision and is helping to improve and upgrade the talent of our division managers who are helping to build our company.

I discuss the importance of looking at constraints and avoiding things that can limit the long term growth of my business.

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