Episode 561: “What are your greatest gifts and what parts of your business do you enjoy doing?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage during a Platinum Mastermind in Costa Rica, with Diamond member Iris Williams, who lives in Texas in the USA. Iris notes that I talk a lot about doing things in the past that are not my strength, and wants to know what I think are my greatest gifts and also what parts of my business do I really enjoy.

I explain that I consider myself a generalist, in that I have a pretty good level of competence for most things in my business; yet I don’t consider myself an expert an anything in particular.

I talk about the importance of being able to wear a lot of different hats when you are an entrepreneur who is building a strong and lasting business.

I discuss how in the early days, I educated myself in various areas of my business so that I knew enough to get by – until I could hire the correct person to take over specific areas of responsibility.

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