Episode 568: “Was it part of your motivation when starting your business to change the lives of so many others?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage during a Platinum Mastermind in Costa Rica, with Diamond member Kristine Ciesinski who lives in Idaho, in the USA. Kristine wants to know if it was my plan from the very beginning to build a business that would impact and help so many new entrepreneurs.

I talk about how I wanted to build a big company that would offer the most attractive affiliate program in our niche so that affiliate marketers would choose my programs over what my competitors were offering.

I discuss my original business plan, which included being very generous in our commission structure; yet keeping enough margin on the back end so that the business could remain profitable.

I explain that while I knew our program was different and better than what our competitors were offering; I had no idea back then that in just a few short years, my business would have paid out over $100 Million dollars in commissions to date.

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