Episode 575: “What advice do you have for a young entrepreneur who wants to earn respect and be taken seriously?”

Today’s episode was recorded from our new Film Studio at the Sunset Del Mar Resort in Costa Rica during a Titanium Mastermind, with Diamond member Natalie Nishi, who lives in Oregon in the USA. Natalie wants to know how I would advise a young entrepreneur who is seeking respect and wants to be taken seriously.

I talk about my own history and how I entered this industry as a university student at only 21 years old and how I worried that I didn’t have any life experience or business experience to offer my customers.

I explain how I came to gain confidence in my abilities because I realized that I did, in fact, have specific skills and knowledge that I could share with my audience, such as the ability to place an ad; or the knowledge of how to run an advertising campaign.

I discuss some of the young entrepreneurs with whom I have gotten to know that possess an air of confidence that allows them to command the respect that they deserve because they have demonstrated their abilities in our industry.

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