Episode 577: “Outside of MOBE, do you have any plans for other business ventures?”

Today’s episode was recorded from our new Film Studio at the Sunset Del Mar Resort in Costa Rica during a Titanium Mastermind, with Titanium member Solrun Erlingsdottir, who lives in Texas in the USA. Solrun wants to know if I have any plans for other business ventures outside of MOBE.

I talk about my current project that is nearing its completion – the renovation of the Sunset Del Mar Resort, here in Costa Rica.

I discuss how my original intention for this project was simply to take advantage of a good real estate opportunity that fit well with my ongoing seminar business; but how I realized how much I enjoyed the process of taking a run down real estate investment and turning it into something very beautiful and special.

I explain that I am close to launching my next real estate venture: a private island resort in Fiji with a long term expansion project that will take approximately 5 years to complete.

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