Episode 585: “What advice do you have for business owners who are constantly presented with new offers?”

Today’s episode was recorded from our new Film Studio at the Sunset Del Mar Resort in Costa Rica during a Titanium Mastermind, with Diamond member Natalie Nishi, who lives in Oregon in the USA. Natalie wants to know what advice I have for entrepreneurs who are constantly confronted with new offers.

I discuss the importance of being extremely wary of jumping to a new offer when you are currently involved in a business but you have not yet mastered the basics of acquiring customers and creating consistent results.

I talk about observing lots of entrepreneurs who seemingly promote one product this week and then jump to a new product next week; while never mastering any of skills needed to find success using ANY offer.

I explain that I’m not discounting the value of multiple streams of income; however, there is a time for that business strategy – and that time comes AFTER you have perfected the basics of building a list and creating value for your customers so that the foundation of your business is solid before you expand to new things.

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