Episode 586: “On a day that you are not doing your business, what are you doing?”

Today’s episode was recorded from our new Film Studio at the Sunset Del Mar Resort in Costa Rica during a Titanium Mastermind, with Diamond member Alicea Logan, who lives in Texas in the USA. Alicea wants to know what I do on days that I am not working on my business.

I explain that there really never is a day that I am not focused on my business. I enjoy what I do and don’t see it as work.

I discuss the fact that while there may be problems and issues that arise that may frustrate me, I still enjoy the challenge of solving the problems that come up periodically.

I talk about times that I may unplug slightly. For example, I may end the day by watching a video on Netflix before going to bed – or when I take time out to go to the gym; however, my business never very far from my mind.

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