Episode 594: “In terms of virtual assistants, what are the positions I should look to fill first?”

Today’s episode was recorded from the stage at the Sunset Del Mar Resort in Costa Rica during a Titanium Mastermind, with Diamond member Perry Johnson who lives in Nevada in the USA. Perry wants to know which roles he should fill first when outsourcing jobs to a virtual assistant.

I talk about some of the roles I feel strongly that you should NOT give to a virtual assistant – especially if you do not know the position well enough to judge the performance of the VA.

I explain that there are certain things in your business that you need to completely master – even to the extent that you experience the pain and expense of making mistakes and doing it wrong.

I discuss the importance of hands-on training and learning through your mistakes and understanding the correct way to perform the role so that you can properly manage the VA’s you eventually hire.

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