Episode 598: “What do I say to a Client who wants to invest $2500 into a business but wants a guarantee of success?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during an activity day in Costa Rica during a Diamond Mastermind, with Diamond member Paula Durrance who lives in Florida in the USA. Paula has a client who wants to invest $2500 into a business, but wants a guarantee of success; so Paula wants to know what to say to them about that.

I explain that there are no guarantees that any business will succeed; in fact, statistics say that most businesses will fail.

I talk about the importance of mindset when starting a business and having the laser focused business mentality of understanding that your failure or success is completely dependent upon your efforts – and your efforts alone. Additionally, if you are determined to do whatever it takes to succeed, and you are persistent in your pursuing your goals, you will be successful.

I share some of my own experience where I became completely committed to my business and I KNEW that I was going to succeed because I was determined to do whatever it took to do so.

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