Episode 599: “Why is personal branding so important in the consulting industry?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during an activity day in Costa Rica during a Diamond Mastermind, with Diamond member Violet Kinuthia who lives in Massachusetts in the USA. Violet wants to know why personal branding is so important in the consulting industry.

I talk about the consulting industry and how the market is flooded with “experts” and therefore your personal branding is vital to drawing customers to choose you over your competition because your branding should define you as THE expert in your particular target market so that you can charge top dollar for your services.

I give some examples of how personal branding has propelled certain experts to the top of their field.

I explain that if you want to be able to draw the top customers for your business, it is important that your customers know, like, and trust you; and the best way to position yourself in that way, they need to see a lot of you in different media platforms.

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