Episode 602: “What major lessons did you learn during the Costa Rica Renovation and do you plan to be as involved for the Fiji renovation?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during an activity day in Costa Rica during a Diamond Mastermind, with Diamond member Kim Haverman who lives in Iowa in the USA. Kim wants to know what big lessons I learned during the renovation of Sunset Del Mar Resort and wonders if I am planning to be as involved in the upcoming Fiji resort renovation.

I talk about the general timeframe of the Costa Rica renovation and how my expectations of the amount of time it would take were quite understated.

I discuss my general plans for the Fiji resort renovation that will begin in a few months.

I explain that I learned enough on the Costa Rica renovation to be more comfortable turning the project in Fiji over to a big construction company – especially since the Fiji project will be such a major undertaking.

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