Episode 607: “How do you find the right staff to meet your organizational standards?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during an activity day in Costa Rica during a Diamond Mastermind, with Diamond members Preston and Laura Biggs who live in Texas in the USA. Preston and Laura want to know how I find the right people to fit into our organization.

I talk about the history of MOBE from when it was only me doing everything to present day where we currently have over 300 people on staff.

I explain the emphasis that we have placed on our sales staff because they help to support our consultants buy training the students who come into our system through the ads placed by our clients in our affiliate marketing program.

I discuss the importance of understanding all phases of your business, and then expanding at the right time so that your business can become scalable; as well as learning how to recruit the right people which is a necessary skill you will use as you grow.

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