Episode 618: “What is the best road to becoming a MOBE Mentor?”

The question for today’s episode was recorded at the Get More Customers Summit in Las Vegas, an event where I brought in some of the brightest marketing minds in our industry for a 3 day event held exclusively for MOBE Consultants. My team recorded a series of questions from the stage from our consultants. Today’s question is from Kenneth Zanders and Ken wants to know what is the best path to take toward becoming a MOBE Mentor.

I talk about our various Mentorship Programs, including our individualized programs and our group programs for both beginners and advanced students.

I discuss the most important things I look for in Mentors who train our MOBE consultants either in their homes or in a group setting: #1 – they need to have achieved solid results in their own affiliate marketing business and #2 – they need to have the ability to be patient enough to work with various levels of consultants so they can teach them what they need to learn to be successful.

I explain that a mentor needs to have the flexibility to travel within their general region at least 3 times per month. For example, a mentor who lives in the USA would travel to students who live in North and South America; and a Mentor who lives in Australia would travel to students who live in Australia and Asia.

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