Episode 619: “What is the one habit we can adopt that will make the biggest impact in our business and how?

The question for today’s episode was recorded at the Get More Customers Summit in Las Vegas, an event where I brought in some of the brightest marketing minds in our industry for a 3 day event held exclusively for MOBE Consultants. During the event, my team recorded a series of questions from the stage from our consultants. Today’s question is from Diamond Member, Deborah Shaw who lives in Texas in the USA. Deborah wants to know what is the most important habit that you can adopt into your day in order to help build a successful business.

I talk about a habit that I have adopted that is critical to my own success: Starting my day by creating something valuable for my business – rather than beginning the day reacting to skype, email, or social media messages.

I discuss the priority I have set for spending the first few hours of my day focusing on creative tasks such as writing an email or developing a new offer.

I explain that my creativity is better in the morning and if I can prioritize those tasks in the early part of my day, the remainder of my schedule will go much smoother.

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