Episode 620: “How long does it take for my sales to accumulate for me to qualify for the MOBE Motors Program?”

The question for today’s episode was recorded at the Get More Customers Summit in Las Vegas, an event where I brought in some of the brightest marketing minds in our industry for a 3 day event held exclusively for MOBE Consultants. During the event, my team recorded a series of questions from the stage from our consultants. Today’s question is from Platinum Member, Craig Caldwell who lives in Los Angeles, California in the USA. Craig wants to know how long he needs to be at a certain sales level in order to qualify for the MOBE Motors Program.

I talk about the MOBE Motors Program and explain that the point system is clearly spelled out on the website HERE.

I discuss the video creation that is a required part of the process and remind you how valuable that video is; as well as the importance of leveraging that asset into the future.

I explain that after you have reached the sales threshold and after your video is approved, then your MOBE Motors payments are paid through your e-Wallet account each month.

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