Episode 621: “How often should we email our list and is there an optimal time of day to do that?”

The question for today’s episode was recorded at the Get More Customers Summit in Las Vegas, an event where I brought in some of the brightest marketing minds in our industry for a 3 day event held exclusively for MOBE Consultants. During the event, my team recorded a series of questions from the stage from our consultants. Today’s question is from Diamond Member, Deborah Shaw who lives in Texas in the USA. Deborah wants to know how often she should send out emails to her list and also if there is an ideal time of day to send those correspondences.

I talk about the importance of sending an email to your list every day – without fail.

I discuss my own practice with my MOBE Daily emails: I don’t care at all about what time of day I release my email, as long as I get one out each day, 7 days a week.

I explain that the value of your time would be best spent focusing on the content of your emails so that you are providing such great value that you begin to develop a relationship with your list such that they grow to know, like, and trust you – and then they will want to become your customer.

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