Episode 623: “What is the best way to write a great Call to Action?”

The question for today’s episode was recorded at the Get More Customers Summit in Las Vegas, an event where I brought in some of the brightest marketing minds in our industry for a 3 day event held exclusively for MOBE Consultants. During the event, my team recorded a series of questions from the stage from our consultants. Today’s question is from Diamond Member, Deborah Shaw who lives in Texas in the USA. Deborah wants to know how to present a great Call to Action when communicating with your list.

I explain the importance of a good call to action and describe several examples for different advertising channels.

I discuss the importance of your call to action being a firm and confident directive with conviction and authority compared to a luke warm suggestion to your audience.

I explain that your call to action should very clearly reflect exactly what will happen after they follow your direction – and it should always be very clear that the value you are offering is much greater than the price you asking them to pay. The easier and more repetitive you can make it for your customer to take action, the more likely it is that they will follow your directions.

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