Episode 629: “How do I build a list with quality leads using various social media channels?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the film studio of our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia corporate headquarters. Recently, I made a request on Facebook for people to send in questions for me to answer about your business. I received some good ones that I am going to record for you over the coming days. Today’s question is from Tenash who doesn’t have an email list, is promoting on Facebook, and wants to know how to get quality leads by using other social media channels.

I talk about my number one principle for building good marketing results: choosing one advertising medium and sticking with it until you perfect it – before trying other options.

I discuss the importance of focusing on one platform at a time so that you can learn what works and what does not; along with making mistakes – which can be the best teacher of all.

I explain how easy it can be to get into learning acquisition mode and then have information overload – while it will be much more beneficial and much less confusing to take action in specific small doses, so that you can learn and evaluate by doing.

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