Episode 637: “With all of the challenges of starting a new business, is it really worth it?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the beach of my private island in Fiji. Recently, I made a request on Facebook for people to send in questions for me to answer about your business. I received some good ones that I am going to record for you over the coming days. Today’s question is from Emil who wants to know if all of the effort required to start and build a business is really worth it.

I talk about the driving force it takes to be an entrepreneur, which is something that all entrepreneurs have – because despite what you might think, money is not the driving force behind a person who wants to build a business of their own.

I discuss some of my personal challenges and the work I needed to do on myself in order to move forward with building a business as big as MOBE.

I explain that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart and takes a really deep commitment in order to be successful – and if you are have that desire and you are willing completely commit yourself to the project and to the results – then I believe it is totally worth it.

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