Episode 641: “How do you prepare yourself for 2018 so that you have incredible year?”

Today’s episode was recorded at our MOBE corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I recorded a few episodes here in KL from questions that were sent to me by MOBE consultants and other small business owners. Today’s question comes from Miller who wants to know how I have prepared myself for 2018 in order to have an incredible year in terms of growth and success.

I talk about the importance of habits and routines and compare my goal and expectation planning for a new year to my daily habits of having a plan in place each day before my feet hit the floor. Having a plan in place helps me to stay organized and is much more effective than starting each day not knowing how I will spend my time.

I discuss how I set my revenue goals and how I back into where my marketing focus needs to be in order achieve those sales and revenue goals.

I explain how I map out what my targets are and also what I expect our growth to be so that I can break down what targets we need to meet per month, per week, per day – and even map out the leads we need to get per period and the marketing we need to do in order to reach those goals.

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