Episode 644: “What’s your take on being 100%, fully immersed in your business at all times?”

Today’s episode was recorded in my hotel during a recent stay in Singapore. Recently, I made a request on Facebook for people to send in questions for me to answer about your business. I received some good ones and I have recorded some of those for you. For today’s question, the listener wants to know my opinion about being completely and total immersed into your business at all times.

I talk about how my opinion about this topic has changed over time; whereby I used to spend every waking moment thinking about my business, planning for my business, and/or monitoring the results of my business but now I have changed that position somewhat.

I discuss how I have come to understand that it is a very important part of my creative process to step away from business for short bits of time, because that little break for relaxation, exercise, or other activities gives my mind time to recharge so that I am refreshed and renewed when I return.

I explain that my personal relaxation choice is to watch Netflix for entertainment at night before I go to bed and even though I usually have my skype open so that I am still reachable, this lets me unplug for a little bit and helps my creativity rejuvenate.

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