Episode 652: “Why have you spread your Real Estate investments throughout several countries in the world?”

Today’s episode was recorded in my hotel during a recent stay in Bangkok. Recently, I made a request on Facebook for people to send in questions for me to answer about your business. I received some good ones and I have recorded some of those for you. For today’s question, Arthur wants to know why I have my various real estate holdings spread out in various places as opposed to having them all in an area that I know well.

I talk about some of my well known purchases, such as my resort in Costa Rica and my recent island purchase in Fiji.

I discuss the importance of having good asset protection strategies in place when it comes to your wealth, and explain what some of those are.

I explain that one of my investment strategies is to diversify my various holdings; which includes not putting all of my money in any one geographic area that I may or may not be knowledgable about or an area that could become unstable over time.

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