Episode 670: “What is your favorite hobby to do in your spare time?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during activity day at the Diamond Mastermind in Costa Rica. Diamond Consultant Kimberly Niven who lives in Colorado in the USA, wants to know what hobbies I like to do in my spare time.

I talk about the things I liked to do to unwind which include going for a run at some point during the day or watching a Netflix series and movie at night before I go to bed.

I discuss other ways I unplug from my business; such as during a long flight when I am completely off wifi and I will use that time away from communication channels to do creative planning or to read a book that I am interested in.

I explain that I have never viewed my business as work because I truly enjoy the creative process, the learning process, and the challenges that come with running a global company.

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