Episode 673: “With such a large company to run, how do you separate your business life and your personal life?”

Today’s episode was recorded on a boat during activity day at the Diamond Mastermind in Costa Rica. Diamond Consultants Josh Brooks and Akiba Benefield, who live in Utah in the USA, want to know how I separate by business life and my personal life while running a large company.

I talk about how obsessed I have always been with my business; which has been the main priority of my life for the past 8 years. I talk about why anyone that became a part of my personal life would have to be very accepting of the time and attention that I devote to my business.

I discuss how it is common for an entrepreneur who is very driven toward success to make sacrifices in their personal lives in order to focus on their business; as well as why my business is my priority and how any person that would become a part of my personal life who was not part of my business life would have to accept that part of my personality.

I explain that I made these decisions a long time ago about how I wanted to live my life and while I still have business goals that I want to reach, I will continue to make my business my priority.

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