Episode 70: “Once I reach certain levels of success in my business, how do I continue to scale up?”

In this episode, I talk about my experience with taking a successful business and scaling it up to reach the next level. I share how I hit several income ceilings as I was growing my business and what I did to push past those plateaus.

I explain that there are two leverage points that need to be achieved. First of all, in order to increase your revenue potential you have to increase your traffic with bigger and strategically planned media buys. Secondly, you have to duplicate yourself and build a team so that you can outsource the non-revenue producing tasks associated with running your business. For example, you should outsource all administrative tasks that prevent you from focusing on the actions that will bring in cash flow to your business.

I advise entrepreneurs who want to scale up their business to the next level to create more free time for themselves in order to leverage their time to be spent on high level revenue producing activities.

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