Episode 71: “What is the best way to offer encouragement to my new leads who are brand new to the business, or skeptical?”

In this episode, I talk about strategies to use when encouraging new leads about a future in Internet Marketing. I share the process that I go through when planning a marketing strategy. I explain that there are ways to address fears and self doubt in your sales audience; as well skepticism about the value of your product.

I show you how you can identify the barriers that are keeping your leads from converting into sales by relating to your customers and sharing your own struggles when you were new to this industry. I explain how you can turn skepticism into optimism by sharing the testimonials of other entrepreneurs.

In short, I illustrate how you can highlight the benefits of your product while alleviating the concerns that are preventing a conversion.  I teach you how sharing your own story can cultivate a relationship with your leads and how developing relationships means you are building trust with your leads and those trusting relationships will turn your leads into sales.

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