Episode 90: “In terms of one-on-one coaching, what can I expect to happen after I purchase MTTB?”

In this episode, you hear me talk about what happens after you purchase My Top Tier Business (MTTB). I explain that someone from our coaching team will reach to you to evaluate if you are good fit for our program. I discuss how MTTB is a product for serious entrepreneurs who are committed and ready to do the work it takes to start an online business.

If you want to be a serious entrepreneur and are interested purchasing My Top Tier Business, click Here.

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    Good teachers understand that everything I say to you, believe me I went twice through the 21 steps outside but did not get the hang under magyarázatot.Arra would have been a need, and certainly would have been very well since nothing new that it is not as simple as that and it is doing it day in and nap.Sajnálom to the coach and I’m not a language beszélünk.Neki it may be difficult to believe that the other does not understand embert.Azért thank you for the inspiration you gave a lot of a lot of lessons

  2. Terri Haight says:

    I have been told 3 different people were my coach. After a little over a month we have that straightened out. I only have my coach’s email, no phone number. I have sent many emails with no response except one: ” looks like I’m your coach… How can I help you”.
    That was over three weeks ago and I have received no replies to all the emails I have sent.
    One of the reasons I became MLR was the emphasis that was put on the coaching I would have available as I am brand new to internet marketing.
    I have been left to swim in a sea of unfamiliar information with no guide.
    Do you have any suggestions for me?